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Postgame Quotes (NCAA Fullerton Super Regional Game 1)
By: UCLA Athletics

June 7, 2013

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JUNE 7, 2013

Cal State Fullerton Head Coach Rick Vanderhook
On tonight's game
"We lost, and we lost. We didn't catch the ball very good, we popped up really good. Our whole plan and work all week against Plutko was to try and keep the ball out of the air and we didn't do that. During one point we hit four ground balls, two of them for base-hits. I didn't think Justin pounded the zone very well. They beat us. We gave them too much. When you are at this point in the season and you give away too much stuff, you lose and that is what happened. They were the better team tonight and tomorrow is a new day."

On the eighth against Berg
"We grinded him down pretty. We gave ourselves a chance to win off him. He hasn't lost a game in two years. But I thought we took good at-bats against him"

On Defensive Struggles
"We had some frustrating at-bats. There were some things in that game that were extremely frustrating for both sides and I think it carried over to the field. We need to do a better job of handling that."

Freshman pitcher Justin Garza
On being down 2-0
"Keep trusting my stuff. Didn't have my best stuff tonight and I didn't let that get me down and try to pound the zone as often as I could. I knew my team would be there behind me."

Junior outfielder Michael Lorenzen
On Tomorrow's Game
"We trust ourselves and I trust my teammates that we are going to be able to come back and play our baseball. I trust that we are the better team. I am not worried about it at all, nothing has changed."

UCLA Head Coach John Savage
"Very competitive night to say the least. Two of the best pitchers in the country, the best freshman (Garza). They have probably have the two best freshman pitchers in the country going tonight and tomorrow. We got them. We competed. We got some good at-bats and we did enough early on to scratch a couple runs across. Plutko battled tonight. A very emotional night for Adam, three-time PAC-12 all-conference pitcher to sit there and not get drafted. It was difficult to say the least, I don't know why they do it at this time but they do it. It makes this night even more special, you just don't know how he is going to respond."

"We are very proud of Adam, we had good at-bats. Our bullpen did their job, certainly Berg. It's just one game. If we had lost I would have said the same thing. It's one game and far from being over. You don't win 50 games and go away. I believe Fullerton is the most complete team in the country. Nothing they did tonight gets me off that. We have a long ways to go as this series is far from over. We are up one game but tomorrow it will be just as competitive as tonight."

Sophomore outfielder Eric Filia
On game-winning hit
"He threw me two high fastballs and I knew he was going to come with a curve ball. He left it up and I stayed short with it and hit it into right field."

Sophomore pitcher David Berg
On the eighth inning
"They are great hitters, they battled. Lopez drew a walk and they bunted. I made some good pitches to the next couple guys but they put it in play. Lorenzen put it right where we couldn't make a play. He did a great job. From there I knew I couldn't let another thing like that happen."

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