UCLA Central Ticket Office
PO Box 24607
Los Angeles, CA 90024-0607
(310) 825-2101 (p)
(310) 206-7540 (f)
Email: cto@tickets.ucla.edu
Website: www.tickets.ucla.edu
If you have a ticket question
we encourage you to call the
UCLA Central Ticket Office
at 310-UCLA-WIN or
send an e-mail to cto@tickets.ucla.edu
Potential recruits can contact
the UCLA recruiting office at
Or you can visit the UCLA
recruiting website located
NOTE: Recruiting e-mails sent
through the feedback function
will NOT be returned.
UCLA Athletic Department
J.D. Morgan Center
P.O. Box 24044
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 825-8699

General questions can be sent
to the above address
Attn: Sports Information.