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UCLA: The Bruin Athletic Council (BAC)
The Bruin Athletic Council (BAC)

The Bruin Athletic Council is comprised of representatives from each athletic team. This select group is charged with giving student-athletes a voice in the athletic department, on the UCLA campus and in the surrounding community. Their purpose is to assist in creating stronger lines of communication between student-athletes and UCLA athletic administrators, as well as providing feedback to enhance the experience of UCLA student-athletes. The BAC focuses on the main areas:

  1. Athlete-Administration Communication- The BAC strives to provide an opportunity for all athletes to address issues of concern with the athletic department. The BAC works closely with the Athletic Department administration in order to maintain a healthy and productive environment for all athletes to excel.

  2. Student-Athlete Community- The BAC actively works toward developing a community in which all athletes feel they share a common bond, receive support from their fellow athletes, and have the opportunity to socialize with athletes from all teams. The BAC plans/organizes events and activities directed toward building community within the department.

  3. Community Service-The BAC actively seeks to further make the athletic community a contributing member to the greater surrounding community. The BAC plans/organizes both short-term and long-term activities with the goal of giving back to the community.

Two BAC representatives along with two alternates are appointed to the Pac-10 Conference SAAC, which meets two times each academic year. The SAAC provides insight on the student-athlete experience and on issues impacting the Pac-10 and NCAA legislation and policies affecting student-athletes. The BAC holds meetings every other Wednesday (food is served at 6:45 pm; meeting begins at 7:00 pm), in the Press Room of the UCLA Hall of Fame (Morgan Center).

BAC Advisor:
Ashley Armstrong, 206-7121

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