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UCLA Athletic Performance

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Training Philosophy

The UCLA Athletic Performance training philosophy is the fundamental belief serving as the foundation for how we operate. Our philosophy has been built through personal experiences, education, and a trace of every coach and athlete who has graced our program. It is an evolving, ever-changing system for how we manage training at any given time. We are not afraid of altering our philosophy in this progressive field, as this signifies our continual growth, development, and willingness to push the envelope of innovation in athletic enhancement. With that said, our department will always have a definable philosophy with an unmatched ability to utilize it systematically and effectively.

Our training methods are athlete driven, as we believe that catering to the individual will increase the success of the team. This is done through the development of an individualized training program delivered in a team environment with low coach-to-athlete ratios. We take a concurrent approach to a periodization ensuring that all necessary qualities of performance are addressed. Through our program we believe in utilizing ground based, multi-planar movements as the majority of our exercise selection. We rely heavily on the fundamentals in all aspects of our training because these methods have stood the test of time within our industry and lead to highly transferable success in sport. We utilize these fundamental exercises to challenge our athletes through the appropriate ranges of motion to create a balanced frame built for durability.

All of these concepts are executed within our system by utilizing a hierarchical approach. As presented below, each key area contains a thorough list of movements with inbuilt regressions and lateralizations. Having a system in place where movement proficiency is prioritized enables our athletes to perform at a level that is appropriate for them at all times. This maximizes the athlete’s confidence and success, in conjunction with decreasing the likelihood of injury in training and competition. In addition to this, we address many individual nuances of sports, such as areas of the body prone to injury or critical moments within competition where outcomes may be decided.

Lastly, we all became athletic performance coaches because we believe that positively enhancing an athlete’s life is the most fulfilling way to live our own. This is evidenced through the passion that we bring to our coaching, and the success driven culture that has been created for all our athletes. We ensure that each athlete under our tutelage knows that we care about him or her first and foremost as a person, and second as an athlete. As much as our schedule will allow, we spend time with our athletes at games, practices, or team-based events. In doing so, we strengthen our personal connections and open up opportunities to impact other facets of our athletes’ lives that contribute to their potential, such as sleep, stress management, and general life skills. As coaches we also strive to be models for living healthy, positive, and balanced lives. This demonstrates that we consistently hold ourselves accountable to the high standard that we are striving to instill in our athletes. This brings our training philosophy full circle, as we develop individuals ready for success in all aspects of life, and most notably the performance of their respective sports.

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