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The 2013 UCLA Women's Soccer Freshman Class
Mew's Views - Meet the Freshmen
By: UCLA Athletics
Mew's Views

Junior midfielder Sam Mewis will be blogging for during the 2013 season. Mewis is a regular with the U.S. Women's Youth National Team and a two-time all-conference selection who has scored 28 points on nine goals and 10 assists in her two years as a Bruin.  

These past few days have been packed full of activities, so I have more than enough to talk about in this post! Last Thursday we all went to Cassie Sternbach’s house in Calabasas to swim and have a barbecue. The Sternbachs served us amazing food and were so welcoming. Having 32 girls take over your backyard must be pretty stressful, so a huge Thank You to Mr. and Mrs. Sternbach!

Bruins at the Galaxy gameWe had an intrasquad scrimmage on Friday, followed by a social where we were again served some awesome food and got to meet families, alumni, and donors. On Saturday, we went to the LA Galaxy game and got quite a kick out of the “Robbie Keane” chant that the announcer would prompt the crowd to yell. On Monday, Caprice Dydasco celebrated her 20th birthday, so a big group of us went to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate.

The social activities have given all of us a better opportunity to get to know the freshmen, so this week is finally time to introduce them! I asked them all to share one of the funniest and most typical “freshman” stories that has happened to them since they have been here at UCLA.

Darian Jenkins is from Salt Lake City, Utah, where she is one of the few non-Mormons. Lauren Rodriguez is from Lake Forest, California. This past summer, Lauren backpacked 120 miles in 12 days on the John Miur Trail. Lauren and Darian are roommates, and they told me about how Darian walked into their room with a facial mask on during double days. Since Lauren was half-asleep, she freaked out and hyperventilated as Darian walked toward her. Learning how to live with someone you don’t know very well can be challenging and, speaking form experience, sometimes scary.

Claire Winter is from Lafayette, California and says that if she was good enough she would want to be a professional wake boarder. On Sunday, some of us had some running to do after practice. It was pretty hard running - full field suicides - and as we were walking back to the locker room Claire asked me how the running was. I was still out of breath and close to passing out, so I snapped, “How did it look?”, referring to the way I crawled over the line on the last sprint. This little exchange definitely broke the ice in my relationship with Claire.

Alyssa Alarab is from Danville, California. She sings and plays guitar (I might have to take her up on lessons - I’ve had a guitar for a year and can successfully play either a C or a G chord; I’m not sure which it is.) Alyssa secretly intends on becoming a country music sensation. On the first day of training, she forgot her locker combination, so she sat on her stool in the locker room panicking. As everyone else was changing, she was silently imagining the punishments that she would receive for not dressing for practice. Thankfully, our equipment manager, Sean, showed up and gave her the code.

Lauren Kaskie is from Las Vegas, Nevada and has a secret obsession with Lauren Conrad. Lauren said that one of the funniest things that has happened so far was when she and the rest of the freshmen tricked Claire into believing that we were going to walk the Galaxy players out onto the field. Claire got all excited and called her mother, only to have Lauren admit that it was all a joke. Unfortunately, we might be a little too old for that.

Gabbi Miranda is from Highlands Ranch, Colorado and played competitive volleyball for four years. On our first day of weights, we went to the weight room right after practice, but Gabbi forgot her running shoes (typical freshman move.) Kodi had to rescue her and lend a pair to use during weights.

Annie Alvarado is from Newport Beach, California. If she’s not playing soccer, Annie is usually at the beach either surfing or playing beach volleyball. Before the Galaxy game, we had a team meal at Pitfire Pizza. Annie, the only freshman with a car, drove to the wrong Pitfire and assumed that they had just arrived before everyone else. All of the freshmen were seated in a reserved section where they waited for 10 minutes before realizing that they were still in Westwood and, thus, at the wrong restaurant.

Zoey Goralski is from Naperville, Illinois and played high school soccer with Megan Oyster for two years. Zoey loves sleeping, and Claire, her roommate, has had to poke her awake every morning in order to get her out of bed. Finally, Claire has learned to just leave Zoey sleeping, since she refuses to get up until the last possible minute. College is tiring, and classes haven’t even started yet!

So as the freshmen continue to get the hang of things, we are doing our final preparations for our season opener this Friday! We hope to see everyone out at Drake Stadium at 6pm to watch us play Northeastern. Go Bruins!

Go Bruins!

- Sam Mewis

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