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NCAA Men's Volleyball Championships
By: UCLA Athletics

May 5, 2005

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UCLA Quotes

UCLA Head Coach Al Scates
"PJ (Paul) Johnson suggested that I start Brennan Prahler, and I thought it was a good idea, a real good suggestion. I'm glad I listened. Our trainers Dale Rudd and Steve Agee were working on Allan Vince and thought he looked okay. It was 10 till 7 before I even put him in the lineup, still heavily bandaged. The two guys who carried our team were Jonathan Acosta and Brennan Prahler. Between them they had 33 kills."

"(Steve) Klosterman was going to start. I had a hard time choosing between the two (Klosterman and Prahler). Prahler is a soccer player from Punahou High School, and he walked on to the team. He waited five years for this and was ready to go tonight."

(On Penn State)
"If they could pass, they could beat anyone in the country. The only thing we had to do was serve well and serve in. They gave us a lot of free ones. We served for an hour today, working a lot on it."

(On the Bruins' next opponent)
"I never look at an opponent until the match is done with. So when it's on TV, then I'll review the match. Pepperdine we already have a game plan for, and Ohio State, we have little tape on them, so the coaches and I will watch the game tomorrow morning. I'm going to sit in the stands and watch the game with my wife and then come in tomorrow."

(On Allan Vince, who sprained an ankle earlier this week)
"The only time his shoes are on is when he's playing volleyball. The rest of the time, he's in a boot."

UCLA Senior Opposite Brennan Prahler
(On coming into the game last-minute)
"I was ready to go. You just got to be ready, and I was tonight."

"The past three days we've been working our butts off."

(On playing at home)
"It's amazing playing in front of the home crowd. It gave us total confidence."

UCLA Senior Outside Hitter Jonathan Acosta
"Having this week (off) was key to getting used to the new setters. Dennis (Gonzalez) was a key guy. Of course it's tough to do that, but that's the beauty of the program. Gaby (Acevedo) has a lot of experience in pressure matches."

"A lot of people felt like we shouldn't be here. In order to prove them wrong, we need to fulfill our goal of winning on Saturday."

(On Allan Vince)
"No matter how bad it hurts, he's ready to go. Anytime his serve is in, it will give anybody trouble. I can't say enough about a guy who will play with a sprained ankle. I saw it earlier today. It was definitely purple."

Penn State Quotes

Penn State Head Coach Mark Pavik
"It was tough to put together a good game plan when we don't know who will be setting. UCLA did a good job on two of our three guys. One aspect of concern going into the game was passing, but we passed fairly well. In rally scoring, UCLA got some good runs; we couldn't stop the bleeding. One of our strengths is blocking on the right side, and tonight it wasn't there. This is just one more disappointing loss in my career."

"No matter how much you practice on the blocks or blast away on the setting machine, you can't factor in the championship setting."

(On handling UCLA's strong service)
"If we face that kind of serving year-round, I'd like where we'd be at the end of the year."

Senior Keith Kowal
"The blocking wasn't there. We usually get lots of points out off our blocks. They flat out beat us."

UCLA Health Sponsor - Event Information
Friday, Apr 01
vs. Brigham Young
Los Angeles, CA
(17-25, 25-19, 25-27, 13-25)
Saturday, Apr 02
vs. Brigham Young
Los Angeles, CA
(25-20, 20-25, 18-25, 23-25)
Thursday, Apr 07
vs. Stanford
Los Angeles, CA
(27-25, 25-18, 25-22)
Saturday, Apr 09
vs. Pepperdine
Los Angeles, CA
(25-18, 21-25, 25-16, 25-23)
Saturday, Apr 16
vs. Hawai'i
Los Angeles, CA
(25-16, 25-16, 22-25, 25-21)
Thursday, Apr 21
vs. Long Beach State
Provo, UT
(26-24, 28-26, 25-19)
Saturday, Apr 23
at Brigham Young
Provo, UT
(20-25, 19-25, 25-18, 15-25)
Thursday, May 05
vs. Ohio State
University Park, PA
(25-22, 22-25, 21-25, 25-20, 16-18)