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NCAA National Collegiate Men's Volleyball Championship Match Quotes
By: UCLA Athletics

May 7, 2005

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NCAA National Collegiate Men's Volleyball Championship Match Quotes
UCLA vs. Pepperdine
May 7, 2005


Al Scates, UCLA head coach

Regarding Kris Kraushaar
He had an amazing performance. He hasn't played (three) games in more than six weeks. He really gathered himself. Jonathan Acosta played the best I have ever seen him play, and Paul Johnson had four aces. Those three came up big for us.

We got into a big hole in game five down 8-1, and we rallied back. But with rally scoring, it makes it hard to overcome that. I am proud of the team as they did not give up.

Regarding the hitting errors at the start of game five, if they lacked energy No, the energy was there, but our accuracy was a miss.

About the fifth game lineup
We haven't had a set lineup because some people have not played well every night. This season, I have used three people at one position.

Regarding Gaby Acevedo
Gaby did a great job with eight days of practice with the first team. It is not quite the same rhythm. However, with Dennis, he is out for six weeks with a broken finger. Gaby played very well against Penn State. We normally don't see two hitters over 6-8, and we had to make some changes when they were hitting over him.

Referring to Jonathan Acosta
Jon was on the right side to block Rooney. He was hitting sharp across court, we slowed him down some. Their other outside hitter was coming through.

We had 55 digs, which kept us in the game. They hit .315 and they are used to hit .360, but they took us out as well. They were doubling hitting our quick hitter Vince (Allan) in the middle, and we went to him a few times when we shouldn't have.

I have been here 23 times and I have lost five of them. It is no tougher losing here than anywhere else.

I thought it was a great crowd tonight. I thought it helped us.

About Pepperdine's Sean Rooney
Rooney is the best player I have seen recently.

I have never had a team as injured as this in 43 years. Vince (Allan) sprained his ankle, KK has had some endurance problem, my setter broke his finger...a few breaks here and there, and who knows.

Kris Kraushaar, UCLA senior outside

I was tired, but it is the national championship. Win or lose, it was going to be my last game.

It was fun. It would have been nice to get the win, though.

Pepperdine Quotes

Marv Dunphy, Pepperdine Head Coach

This group was brought into hard training from the beginning.

We have to feel good about going into the fifth game, and the ball bounced our way. We fell into good and played a good team. Our play was not perfect, but it was hard play.

About Fifth Game
If I knew the magic about winning in five, I wouldn't tell anyone. As soon as I was done using my knowledge, I would package it and sell it.

Good players make good play, great players make great plays. This was a players' game and we had great players. This win is great for Pepperdine University, and especially the guys on the team.

Sean Rooney, Senior outside hitter

It is unbelievable to go out with tonight's team win, especially at Pauley Pavilion. Tonight we needed everybody, and we used everybody.

Regarding what Coach Dunphy said between game four and five to motivate the team
We felt good going into the fifth game, and we were reminded about our record in game five.

Regarding next year's team can repeat this year's win
We have some great big players, and if we train hard again next year, we have a chance.

I can't think of a better place to play, and the chance to play in front of a large crowd. That is rare in volleyball. Playing tonight in Pauley in front of a large crowd and coming away with a win, it couldn't have been more perfect.

Tom Hulse, sophomore middle blocker

Regarding his game five blocking
We trained all season to block a certain way. My problem in the first four games was old habits. But the last game I had more adrenaline and better blocking and it happened naturally.

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